Star Wars Explains Why Chewbacca Can’t Be A Rebel Spy

Chewie might be a great pilot and a loyal friend to Han Solo (Harrison Ford), but it looks like the Wookie wasn't that good of a spy.

Marvel's Star Wars series has just arrived at the opening crawl of The Return of the Jedi (via Screen Rant), and the comics cover the period where the Rebels had to work hard to keep the Empire off their scent away from the secret base on Hoth. Original trilogy heroes Luke, Han Solo, and Leia are tasked with the job of keeping the Galactic Empire off the Rebellion's tracks. The mission is to create the Rebel's version of the Death star by luring Imperial forces to an unstable planet and then obliterating everything along with the Empire's men without warning. Chewie is assigned to igniting the whole set-up.

It's a brilliant plan, until the homing beacon meant to gather the Imperial Forces is activated ahead of schedule. The arriving Imperial ships manage to get a scan of Chewie and C-3PO's ship right before the two manage to hole up on the planet. The mistake might have gone on unnoticed, had the commander not been told of Chewie's presence on the ship.

The commander immediately deduces that the whole set-up might be a trap because of Chewie's presence. Wookies roaming freely around the galaxy is a rare thing, and the Empire's long since known that the Rebels have one Wookie close to the Rebellion's top leadership. It comes as no surprise that Chewie's presence on the ship tipped the Imperials off.

With this in mind, fans can only wonder whether Chewie will be able to join secret missions in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Let's wait and see.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premieres December 20, 2019.

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