Star Wars Episode VIII Theory: new Powers for Luke Skywalker?

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There's a brand new theory floating around about the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII, International Business Times reports. The theory was first posited by YouTuber Mike Zeroh. You can see the video for it below:

The theory is based on Mark Hamill's comments about filming a scene as Luke with intense special effects. Mike feels this scene might be the one that showcases Luke's new powers. He thinks the Jedi Master will have picked up more skills besides the Force Push in his long absence.

Another scene that Mike claims supports his theory is the leaked Luke Skywalker meditation scene. In the scene, Luke is meditating, but then he levitates and sees a vision of a planet with two suns. The theory posits that Luke may be able to link to the past with his visions.

Of course, Mike and other fans have no idea what Luke's new Jedi Powers would be. Mike theorizes that he might gain the ability to tap into somone's minds and pass on his force ability. Mike feels like Luke might have tapped into Rey's mind and taught her the Jedi mind trick that allowed her to escape in The Force Awakens.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will be released December 15, 2017.

Luke mindmelding with Rey in The Force Awakens seems a little out there (wouldn't she have noticed?) But I think there's a good possibility Luke will demonstate some new skills in Episode VIII. What do you think? Does the theory sound solid?

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