'Executioner' Stormtrooper Rumored for Star Wars Episode VIII

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A new type of stormtrooper may be featured in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII, Making Star Wars reports. Don't read ahead unless you want potential spoilers. You have been warned.

According to Making Star Wars, Episode VIII will feature a stormtrooper who is a force to be reckoned. He will be named "The Executioner". He'll have a matte black line that covers half his mask, setting him apart from the masses of other stormtroopers.

The weapon "The Executioner" weilds will be similar to the one Finn had when he was a stormtrooper. But there's one big difference- it will have three spinning blades. Making Star Wars describes it as "something out of Phantasm (think of the crazy blades that come out of the spheres in those films)". He may also have a sheild, though it's unknown if it will be used in the movie or not.

Apparently, Finn might face off against this "Executioner" in a one-on-one battle. And this time, of course, he won't have Han Solo to rely on for backup. Finn will have to level up to survive.

As Making Star Wars notes, "The Executioner" could simply be a codename used by the staff to hide the stormtrooper's real identity. Either way, he sounds like an interesting challenge for our heroes. What do you think of the rumor? Do you buy it?

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