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Star Wars: Episode IX Official Poster And Character Designs Leaked, Finally Reveal New Characters And Confirm Past Leaks

The official poster for Star Wars: Episode IX appears to have been leaked as well as our first look to the new characters. It is full of crazy elements, but one thing that was missing was the official title.

Shared on Reddit, the poster shows Rey and Kylo Ren at the center. The former wields the blue lightsaber and dons a new garb that is lighter in shade compared to her outfit from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. You also see Poe Dameron in his new costume that was previously leaked as well as Finn with a new hairdo.

Interestingly, this Star Wars: Episode IX poster shows C3PO wielding a bowcaster, which teases that the droid may finally be joining the fight. After all, he has been rumored to play a bigger role in this film.

A big surprise is the inclusion of Knights of Ren in the image, which suggests that they might finally return after their glaring absence in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We are also treated with a first look at the red Stormtroopers that were leaked in the past.

Here’s your Episode IX poster bros

New characters namely Jannah, who appears to be the character played by Naomi Ackie, and Zorii are also shown. From the looks of it, the latter could be the one played by Keri Russell, who recently teased that she will be wearing a cool costume in Star Wars: Episode IX.

Another thing of note is the presence of the flesh-colored alien, which was also leaked before. It can be seen next to Finn and it is interesting how it has a place in the Star Wars: Episode IX poster hinting at the possibility of its major involvement in the film. Meanwhile, there is no sign of Luke or Leia, which is a bit disappointing.

Episode IX character reveals

Do you think this poster is the real deal? Star Wars: Episode IX hits the theaters December 20.

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