Star Wars: Episode IX Leak Teases Surprise Cameo From Rebels Character

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There is little doubt that Star Wars: Episode IX will feature several surprises. Interestingly, a new leak suggests that the sequel might introduce a character from Star Wars Rebels.

Fans have always wondered if the Rebels characters will ever crossover to the movie trilogy since several Star Wars icons have already made an appearance in the animated series. Nevertheless, people were still surprised when a new leak teased on a familiar character sharing a scene with Maz Kanata (via Express).


The leak comes from two interesting Episode IX concept art. The first image reportedly features Maz in action along with a mysterious figure.

"A pair of Resistance fighters on board Maz Kanata's ship, fighting off the First Order. Next to Maz is an older man with long wavy hair sporting a green vest. He holds a cylindrical object in his hand which may be a lightsaber. His skin tone is tanned."

The second picture reportedly features a better look at the man. "The next goes over a close up of the character who has blue eyes. He appears to be around Luke's age from The Last Jedi."

Although the man's identity is not confirmed, there are speculations that the Episode IX concept art depicts an older Ezra Bridger. The description seems to fit although Ezra (if still alive) should be shown as being older since the character is much older than Luke Skywalker.

It's certainly a surprising scene that we might see in Episode IX. However, it's also highly unlikely that Ezra will show up anytime soon so we recommend taking this with a grain of salt.

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled for release on December 20, 2019.

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