Star Wars: Episode IX Crew Merch Seems to Confirm Film Logo

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The sequel trilogy has had some interesting choice of lettering, seeing that each film has a specific color that remains the theme of the film. The Force Awakens had a yellow logo with The Last Jedi having red. Now some crew clothing from Episode IX seems to confirm that the color for the film's logo will be a nice light blue.

Check it out:

The creature effects crew clothing from set has a lot of Light Blue/Teal on it including the Star Wars lettering. Confirmation that the IX logo will be blue?

Of course it's not any official indication, but it could be a safe bet to what we would be getting. Blue seems to have its significance when it comes to Star Wars. Yellow was the color of the original lettering from the first trilogy, and red is the color of the Dark Side. With the sequel trilogy ending, it would make sense that the logo should be blue to indicate the triumph of the Light—if that's where the movie wants to go that is.

For now, everyone on the internet is just guessing on the film, clinging onto whatever information leaks online. After months of ‘news' of a title of trailer drop, a lot of people have accepted that the big Episode IX reveal is going to come during Celebration next month. It may be a long wait away, but hopefully Lucasfilm makes it all worth our while.

Episode IX is set to end the Skywalker saga and hopefully the character arcs of the leads Finn, Rey, Poe, and Kylo Ren. While I know some people who want the story to go a certain way, I'm hoping J.J. Abrams goes the way of Rian Johnson and subverts everyone's expectations.

Catch Star Wars Episode IX in theaters Dec. 20.

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