21 Mar 2019 10:18 AM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: Episode IX Could Feature Bearded Luke Skywalker Force Ghost

It's no secret that Mark Hamill is an expert at keeping things under wraps when it comes to Star Wars: Episode IX. However, it looks like the Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor has somehow revealed a clue to what Luke Skywalker will look like as a Force Ghost.

Hamill was recently a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his new series Knightfall. Interestingly, Hamill possibly offered a hint at what Luke will look like in Episode IX while discussing his transformation into Talus.

"They glued the beard on over my own beard. I had to keep the beard for something else," Hamill told Kimmel, who was quick to pick up on.

"So now we know that Luke Skywalker has a beard and a body still in the next movie," he said, to which Hamill responded, "Which movie?"


The conversation quickly went to Hamill's recent Twitter post where he shared the Episode IX "trailer" which turned out to be the actor's own trailer on the set. Interestingly, the Star Wars lead thanked the audience for their appreciation because he claimed that his kids simply roll their eyes at his dad jokes.

For now, the wait for the Episode IX trailer continues. However, there are speculations that we'll finally learn the film's title and see the first footage from the movie at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration.

Hamill will appear in Knightfall Season 2, which premieres on History Channel on March 25. Star Wars: Episode IX is currently scheduled for release on December 20.

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