Star Wars Episode IX: Colin Trevorrow's Pitch Made Daisy Ridley Cry

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As of now, J.J. Abrams is set to direct the final Star Wars movie of the sequel trilogy, but a lot of people are curious on what Colin Trevorrow had in mind before he got fired. As it turns out, Trevorrow actually had something good planned because it apparently made Daisy Ridley cry.

Talking to Collider's Jedi Council podcast, SNL's Bobby Moynihan recalls an after party where Ridley and Trevorrow met. They apparently went to a corner of the room to discuss what was going to happen to Rey's character, and Ridley was said to have started crying during the pitch. Moynihan wasn't able to get into specifics, but by the sound of it, it was probably great.


A lot of people were shocked to see Trevorrow fired after years involved in development, but the reason was said to have been misbehavior and the negative reception of his movie Book of Henry. Trevorrow wouldn't be the first director fired for misbehavior as Josh Trank was originally set to direct a Boba Fett spinoff film but was fired after the reports of his toxic behavior on the set of Fantastic Four.

Hopefully Abrams and his writing partner Chris Terrio have something good in mind for the ending. Comparing Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, I was kind of hoping that Rian Johnson would be back to finish the trilogy. Then again, I'm hopeful that Kathy Kennedy and her years of experience will help Abrams and Terrio come up with a story we'll all be happy with.

Star Wars Episode IX is set for a release on Dec. 20, 2019.

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