Star Wars Episode IX: Chewbacca Actor Cancels Con Appearance Due to Script Rewrites

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Joonas Suotamo had taken over the role of Chewbacca since Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and he's set to make a return in Star Wars Episode IX. As it turns out, Suotamo had already shot most of his scenes while he was filming Solo, but script rewrites are prompting him to come back on set.

According to Star Wars News Net, Suotamo had to cancel his appearance at the Rose City Comic Con in September due to Episode IX rewrites. We don't know exactly what happened, but up until this week, it was believed that Suotamo's involvement with the film had already been wrapped.


It's curious what these rewrites could mean. If Suotamo had been able to shoot most of his part with Solo, then that means that Chewbacca has a minimal appearance when it comes to Episode IX. What's more he was probably not going to share scenes with most of the main cast.

With the rewrites in place though, that could change. Some guess that Chewbacca will have something to do with the appearance of Lando Calrissian, but I guess it could be for something else as well.

Personally, it's kind of weird to watch Chewie without Han Solo by his side, but seeing that Episode IX will mark the end of the sequel trilogy, we may as well see a cap put on Chewbacca's story. In any case, we could still see him return in some Solo spinoffs—if Lucasfilm will ever make them happen, that is.

Star Wars Episode IX is set to come out Dec. 20, 2019.

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