Star Wars: Disney Offers Best Look Yet at "Working" Lightsaber

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

I think we can all agree that Star Wars' lightsabers are arguably one of the most popular weapons in all of pop culture but it always felt like one of those things that will never be replicated in real life. Sure, there are tons of toys and replicas out there but no one has come close to creating a "real" lightsaber that shoots are a glowing plasma beam. Through the years, diehard fans of the science-fiction epic have attempted to create a working version of the bladed weapon but no one has truly come close to replicating it, but not until now.

Disney revealed last April that they've finally invented a true "working" and retractable lightsaber and unsurprisingly, the entire Star Wars fandom went absolutely berserk following the announcement at the virtual event "A Special Look Inside Disney Parks". Now, the House of Mouse is once again hyping up the arrival of the bladed weapon which they plan to put on sale real soon.

Disney Parks released a video showcase highlighting the company's technological innovations — from impressive animatronics to awe-inspiring digital creations. At the 44-second mark, one of their engineers can be seen operating the retractable saber and by the looks of it, it does in fact shoots a beam similar to what we see in film and television. Check it out here:

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Having a real-life lightsaber is definitely a dream come true for a lot of fans and I'm pretty sure they'll sell out like hotcakes when they finally hit stores most likely sometime in 2022. Prepare your wallets though because I'm pretty sure they'll be extremely pricey. The real question is, will lightsaber duels be possible? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, the entire Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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