09 Apr 2021 2:31 PM +00:00

Star Wars Reportedly Creates World's First 'Real' Lightsaber, Plans to Unveil it Soon

Credit: Lucasfilm

Lightsabers are arguably among the most popular weapons not only in Star Wars lore but in all of pop culture as well and whether or not you're a fan of the franchise, you gotta admit that it would have been cool if an actual working lightsaber existed and no, I'm not talking about its replica and toy counterparts. Through the years, people have attempted to create a working version of the bladed weapon but no one has actually come close to replicating it.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Now, the House of Mouse which happens to be the parent company of the Star Wars franchise is hyping up the creation of the world's first "real" lightsaber and according to Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D'Amaro, we will be getting our first taste of it really soon.

Appearing on the virtual event "A Special Look Inside Disney Parks" (via ComicBookMovie) which was home to several newsworthy announcements, including the confirmation that the Avengers Campus is set to open its doors in Disneyland later this Summer, D'Amaro stunned everyone in attendance by making a groundbreaking announcement just as the event was about to conclude.

D'Amaro actually unveiled a lightsaber hilt from a small box, later igniting it and saying: "You never know what we're going to come up with next...it's real." The actual footage from the presentation has yet to be released online but he assures fans that an actual working lightsaber is coming our way.

While no actual launch date was announced for the saber's release, Walt Disney Imagineering's Portfolio Creative Executive Scott Trowbridge would later confirm on Twitter that D'Amaro in fact presented a working Star Wars lightsaber.

Surprisingly, the actual lightsaber presentation hasn't leaked online which leaves a lot of Star Wars fans, myself included, extremely intrigued over the weapon. I mean, how exactly is it going to work? Will there be an actual beam of plasma shooting from the lightsaber hilt? Are real lightsaber duels now possible? I've got a lot of questions in my mind right now and hopefully, by the time it gets unveiled, my expectations are exceeded.

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