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Star Wars: Diego Luna's Son was 'Pissed' at the End of Rogue One

Cassian Andor may have died in the end of Rogue One, but Diego Luna is set to come back for his own Disney+ series centered on the character. During a recent appearance on Conan, Luna shares the story of how his son was ‘pissed' at the end of the first Star Wars anthology film.

Luna shares that he had become a hero to his son for a while when they went out to watch Rogue One, but by the time Cassian had died, his son was apparently ‘pissed'.

Though Cassian may have died in the film, his story is far from over. Just like The Mandalorian, Disney is making a series for Cassian and K-2SO, and it will show the earlier days of the Rebellion. It's even speculated that the story would actually bring us way back into Cassian's childhood, seeing that he had explained that he was fighting the Empire since he was 6-years-old.

We don't have any official reveals for the series yet, but if Luna is already out promoting it, then maybe things have been going swimmingly behind the scenes; unlike the Obi-Wan series which has apparently caught a snag and is now aiming to start shooting in the start of 2021.

Personally, I'm hoping we get to see more of the Empire in this prequel, with cameos of some other beloved Star Wars B-characters. Maybe a return of Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo? Don't make us beg, Lucasfilm.

No release date has been set for Cassian Andor, but the second season of The Mandalorian comes to Disney+ this October.

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