Star Wars Darth Vader Gets Into the Ultimate Fight Against Giant Kaiju

We've seen Darth Vader defeat all kinds of enemies throughout the Star Wars film franchise, series, and comics, and now, thanks to Star Wars: Darth Vader, we get to see the Sith Lord go up one of his strongest opponents – a humongous Kaiju.

The Marvel comic book series starts in a dark place as it forces Vader into despair. Angry and frustrated that his son, Luke Skywalker is running around the galaxy helping the rebels instead of joining him as his apprentice, Vader finds himself going through the motions as he realizes that his wife did just the same before – Padme Amidala spurned his offer to rule the Empire back when they were younger.

With so much on his mind, Star Wars: Darth Vader #3 sets Vader in a mentally difficult place as it pits him against a Kaiju (via Comic Book Review). In the third issue of the Star Wars comic book series, we get to see Vader forming an alliance with Sabe in an effort to find recordings that might help reveal the truth about what happened to his wife and the events leading to her death.

Vader, Sabe, and their team take an aquatic vessel down to a hidden Gungan facility in the ocean where the footage of Padme is hidden. However, as they head to the facility, the group find themselves being attacked by Colo Claw Fishes.

The Colo Claw Fishes are gigantic fish-like sea monsters that first appeared in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace where they try to eat Qui-Gonn, Obi-Wan, and Jar Jar as they navigate under the sea. In Episode I, the group manage to avoid the Colo Claw Fish as it's eaten by a Sando Aqua Monster, an even larger, and more terrifying dinosaur-esque sea creature.

Vader and Sabe's team find themselves up against the same creatures, and using his power, the Sith Lord attacks the sae monster, slashing one of the beasts down the jaw with his lightsaber. It's an epic battle where Vader goes against two Colo Claw Fishes – it's really a David versus Goliath kind of fight.

In the end, Vader wins, earning him the respect of Sabe and her team.

Star Wars: Darth Vader #3 is already available for purchase.

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