Star Wars Battlefront II Finally Gets BB-8 And Brand New Sequel Era Features

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It looks like EA DICE finally added in "the BB Update" to Star Wars: Battlefront II.

EA DICE just updated its previously criticized Star Wars action shooter videogame with new features and content, adding in two playable characters and a few new maps to Battlefront II's most popular game mode. According to a report by CBR,Star Wars Battlefront II gamers can now roll into the game either as the adorable ball droid BB-8 or as his dark side counterpart, the dark First Order droid BB-E.

While BB-8 and BB-9E aren't exactly great for combat in Battlfront II, they're pretty nifty because they're fast moving targets that make it difficult for enemies to shoot at. These characters are pretty great if you're playing support for your team because they capture command posts twice as fast as other characters. They also have skills that mark a player's enemies while healing their teammates. Definitely an interesting addition to the game's roster.


Gamers can use these two playable characters in game modes and maps taken from Star Wars sequel trilogy, otherwise known as the "sequel era" of the franchise. These maps are added to Capital Supremacy, a multiplayer mode where gamers get to fight over territories on the ground as well as battle in close quarters inside capital ships. EA and DICE have also added sequel trilogy capital ships to Battlefront II. That means that gamers can get new close quarter interiors to fight in.

It's taken a while for EA DICE to roll out "the BB Update." Fans were looking forward to the new content and were disappointed last month when the companies announced that there would be a delay to the highly anticipated update. We're definitely glad to see that the delay didn't last that long.

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