Star Wars Corrects The Force Awakens’ Terrible “Alderaan” Scene

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens might have successfully revived the Star Wars film franchise after a decade-long slumber, but the film was not without flaws. Fans complained that The Force Awakens took too many cues from Star Wars: A New Hope– one of which included the destruction of Alderaan.

Unfortunately, while the Starkiller base was much, much more massive and destructive compared to the Death Star, The Force Awakens failed to make the scene as evocative as the obliteration of Alderaan. That particular scene in A New Hope was pretty memorable because viewers get to see Leia Organa (the late Carrie Fisher), the princess of the planet, watch her planet being blasted into tiny little bits right before her very eyes.

The destruction caused by the Starkiller Base in Episode VII didn't do as well, because fans had no connection to Hosnian Prime.


Thankfully, it seems like the latest episode of Star Wars: Resistance corrects this mistake (via Screen Rant). "No Escape Part 1" adds weight to the destruction of the planet because it opens with the revalation that the series' main character, Kaz, comes from Hosnian Prime.

Kaz's plan in "No Escape Part 1" is to escape from the Colossus to find his father who happens to be a Republic Senator living in the planet. But before he heads town to Hosnian Prime, Kaz tries to rescue his friends, and he ends up into an area held by the First Order where he watches General Hux give the order to blow up the planet. Like Leia, Kaz can only watch in horror as he sees his homeworld being obliterated, his entire family presumably in it.

As devastating as it is, the episode is an important one. Not only does it bring Star Wars Resistance closer to The Force Awakens, but it helps correct the film as well.

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