Star Wars and Indiana Jones Screenwriter Gloria Katz dies at 76

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George Lucas may be considered the father of the Star Wars franchise, but hardcore fans know that there are a lot of unsung heroes that don't get as much credit as him. One such person is scriptwriter Gloria Katz, who has just passed away at the age of 76.

As per Far Out Magazine, Katz had passed in Los Angeles last Sunday following a long battle with ovarian cancer. She is survived by her daughter Rebecca.

Even before Star Wars, Katz had found herself working with Lucas with American Graffiti. Katz was working with her husband Willard Miller Huyck, Jr. who was also a screenwriter, and when he was asked to work on the script for AG, Katz herself said that she "sort of came with the package."


Since then Katz and Hyuck have been working on several Lucasfilm projects including the very first Star Wars. Lucas was said to have been very reserved about his script for the film and had asked Katz to "polish it." If you do enough reading on Star Wars behind the scenes, you'll know that it took a lot of people to take Lucas' idea and turn it into the final product that we got onscreen.

Since then, Katz has worked on several Lucasfilm projects from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom to Howard the Duck. Katz may have not worked on a film since the 90s, but her legacy definitely shines with the films that she's worked on in her career.

Rest in peace, Gloria Katz.

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