Star Wars: Ahsoka’s Voice Actor on the Complaints About the Clone Wars’ ‘Filler’ Episodes

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While a lot of people loved how the final season of The Clone Wars kicked off with the Bad Batch, a lot of fans are none too happy about the recent episodes featuring Ahsoka and the Martez sisters. With all these complaints about the ‘filler' episodes, Ahsoka voice actor Ashley Eckstein has come out to say that she thinks that these past episodes are still essential to the show.

Talking to CBR, Eckstein explained:


"I've read a lot of people's comments online and they like these four episodes, sure, but they can't wait to get to the Siege of Mandalore… But I will tell you these four episodes are so important because [Ahsoka] has to go through that before she can jump into the Siege of Mandalore, we need to see that part of her journey. And I said that to the fans back at the beginning of season one of Clone Wars—in the beginning, people felt that she was bratty and she was annoying and she was too snippy and how dare she say all these things. We were always a season ahead [in production] from what the fans were seeing and so I knew how much she evolved season by season. And so I asked fans for their patience and I asked them to go on this journey with her because no character's perfect from the beginning and, if they were, they wouldn't be that interesting."

While I do understand where Eckstein is coming from, I can also understand the frustration of the fans when it comes to these past few episodes. A lot of people had been waiting for the return of Clone Wars, and with this being the final season, it's ideal that every episode should count. It's kind of hard to be invested when we meet two new characters who we're sure won't make an impact by the time the season is over.

For now, I guess it's best we just enjoy the ride. At least we're at the final stretch of the latest arc, and we're now going into the much-awaited Siege of Mandalore. I'm just hoping that the show also gives us some coverage of what happens to Ahsoka after the events of Revenge of the Sith; maybe even a build-up to her Rebels sequel series.

Catch the next episode of The Clone Wars this Friday on Disney+.

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