Star Wars Actress Felicity Jones is Black Cat in Spectacular Spider-Man Art

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Credit: Sony Pictures

There's no doubt that Spider-Man: No Way Home ushered in a brand new era for our friendly neighborhood web-slinger but it also revisited classic stories and left the door wide open for Marvel to reexplore them in the future. That being said, the rousing reception Andrew Garfield received for his Spidey comeback led to a campaign calling for Sony Pictures to greenlight The Amazing Spider-Man 3. While Amy Pascal has yet to come up with a final decision, the idea of Garfield suiting up once again isn't exactly out of the question.

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Credit: Sony Pictures

Now, it would be safe to assume that a potential TASM 3 will pick up where No Way Home left off but that's not to say that we won't see familiar faces reemerge. One character the fans believe would benefit from the continuation of the Webb-Verse is Felicia Hardy played by Star Wars alumnus Felicity Jones. Of course, comic book fans know her as the Black Cat, one of Spidey's on-and-off villains and if you may recall, Sony actually had plans of doing a spinoff project for her and Silver Sable but it was eventually scrapped.

With The Amazing Spider-Man 3 sparking massive interest from the fandom right now, artist @venomhology took to his Instagram page to unveil a spectacular artwork depicting Jones as the Black Cat and I gotta say, while she looked nothing like the Felicia Hardy we know in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this one has me sold on the idea. Check out the artwork here:

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Garfield has stated in previous interviews that he'd be open to the possibility of doing The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and it's a golden opportunity Sony Pictures shouldn't miss out on. Hopefully, it actually happens.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man: No Way Home is still screening in some cinemas worldwide.