Star Wars Actor Says Episode IX Will Head Towards “Unexpected” Directions

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There might not be that much information on Star Wars: Episode IX yet, but General Hux star Domhnall Gleeson believes that the sequel to The Last Jedi will head on towards "unexpected" directions.

Sitting down for an interview with Radio Times, Gleeson spoke about Episode IX, saying that he has a hunch that the third installment in Lucasfilm's sequel trilogy installment may very well be as "unexpected" as The Last Jedi.


Though there has been some outrage over the way The Last Jedi subverted fan expectations, a large number of others also praise the film for the risks that it takes.

"What was brilliant [aboutThe Last Jedi] was that it was unexpected," Gleeson told the publication. "And I've got a feeling that what JJ does may also be unexpected. I wasn't expecting [Hux's comedy] to be the way it went in VIII, at all. It really surprised me. And I'd say rather than played for laughs, it was written for laughs. We did it with an eye on the comic elements of it."

Though Gleeson says that Episode IX might continue taking the franchise to unexpected directions, the actor also says that he still doesn't know anything about the project.

"I've got no idea because I haven't read a script," Gleeson said. "I have no idea what direction he'll take it in, or even if he'll use me. So I'm hoping that if I'm in the next one, I'll get to do [some more comedy]."

One thing's for sure though – it looks like Gleeson's a big fan of the comedy relief that Hux has been turned into. What would you like to see in Episode IX?

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Star Wars: Episode IX hits cinemas December 20, 2019.

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