Star Wars Actor Domnhall Gleeson Wanted to See More of Hux as a Spy

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker might have been flawed but it did have a number of interesting plot elements that fans enjoyed, from Rey's struggle with The Dark Side to Kylo Ren's redemption and even General Hux being a spy. Midway through the movie, we find out that Hux has been feeding The Resistance information to defeat The First Order, not because he had a change of heart but due to his hatred for Kylo Ren. It was a great in-character moment but it was short-lived since he died right after.

Domnhall Gleeson feels that way too since he recently told IndieWire that he would have loved to see more of Hux as a spy. Considering how General Hux was turned into a joke in The Last Jedi, fans were at least hoping to see more of his evolution in The Rise of Skywalker. While his role in the last film was very in-character from what we've seen in this trilogy, his eventual death was a little too quick for some.

"It would've been nice to stick around a little bit longer, for sure. It would've been nice to see the spy thing play out a little bit, but J.J. [Abrams] knows what he's doing, and I heard a kind of gasp in the cinema when it happened, so I guess he was right."

While some of us are pretty sad about how Hux went, we should probably be happy that he got to go out after a moment that was well-liked. A lot of us don't really like what happened to a lot of the other characters so maybe this was a blessing in disguise.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now available for digital download.

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