Star Trek’s George Takei Questions Why He Wasn’t Sent to Space Amid Reignited Feud with William Shatner

Credit: Paramount Television

Credit: Paramount Television

We've proven over the last couple of days that the real-life beef between Star Trek legends William Shatner and George Takei is far from over and the latest installment to their heated feud had something to do with Shatner's historic space flight that had the entire world talking last week. In case you weren't aware, Takei criticized his former co-star's little trip to space and even described him as a 90-year-old Guinea Pig that was only being experimented on.

This week, Shatner officially broke his silence and fired back at Takei for his controversial comments. Not only did the acting legend dismiss Takei's allegations of his bad on-set behavior during the filming of the original Star Trek television series over five decades ago, but he also seems to imply that Takei is only using him to gain attention from the press.

Now, the Captain Zulu actor is once again throwing shade at the decision to give the honor to Shatner and not him. In a recent tweet, Takei seemingly questioned why he wasn't sent to space, even namedropping a certain "Jeff" who of course is Jeff Bezos, the owner of the aerospace company Blue Origin which developed the New Shepard spacecraft.

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Credit: paramount tv

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It's quite obvious that Takei hasn't forgotten about his unpleasant experience working with Shatner in the Trek franchise. However, it's worth noting that the accusations of misbehavior on Shatner's part have never been proven and until now, we don't know for sure who is actually telling the truth. If it was just a huge miscommunication, I hope the two actors will finally be able to settle their differences but that seems highly unlikely at this point.

Meanwhile, you can get your Star Trek fix over at Paramount+.

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