05 Oct 2021 12:49 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Trek Legend William Shatner Takes Another Jab at Star Wars

Credit: Paramount Television

The entire Star Wars vs Star Trek debate has seemingly been going on for ages and while it will always go down to a matter of preference, some fans are still eager to prove why their favorite science-fiction property is more superior to the other. Unsurprisingly, the actors themselves share the same sentiments, including Star Trek icon William Shatner who takes so much pride in saying that the Trek franchise will always be better than Star Wars.

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Credit: lucasfilm

Shatner is no longer a stranger in participating in the long-standing fan debate and judging by his latest social media remark, it looks like Captain Kirk isn't done throwing shade at his longtime rival. It all started when television producer Bryan Fuller asked fans to sound off in his "DAY 3 OF 31 SCARY SCENES THAT MADE AN IMPACT THE FIRST TIME I SAW THEM" game in time for the Halloween season.

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Credit: Paramount

However, Shatner had a different entry in mind and instead of sharing an image from an iconic horror series or flick, the 90-year-old acting legend chose to take a jab at Star Wars by posting the Skywalker Saga's legendary opening crawl. Check it out here:

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While Star Trek came out a decade before the original Star Wars film premiered, it's hard to ignore the fact that George Lucas' science-fiction masterpiece has become a bigger and more relevant mainstream attraction than the Trek franchise. I mean, that's just the way things are so sorry, Captain Kirk.

Meanwhile, you can get your Star Trek fix at Paramount+. For your Star Wars needs, Disney+ has you covered.