Star Trek Picard: There’s a Neat Clue in the New Poster that Could Hint at Riker

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We just got a new poster for Star Trek: Picard yesterday, and fans are expecting a huge panel come SDCC 2019. Some fans have been poring over the details in the poster, and some found this neat hint with the dog standing beside Picard.


As pointed out by writer Bryan Young on Twitter, the dog's collar has the name "No. 1" on it, and who else could "No. 1" be to Picard other than Commander William T. Riker?

What's interesting is, Jonathan Frakes, who played Riker on the show, is also attached to Star Trek: Picard, but rather than reprising the role, he's going behind the scenes to direct two episodes. Then again, who's to say that this dog has no relation to Riker? Some crazy theories think that it was Riker trapped in a dog's body after some kind of transporter mishap, but I think it would make sense that the character died and this was Picard's way of keeping him close by.

Then again, with Picard out of Starfleet, it's possible he just refers to his closest companion as "No. 1", just like he did when he was a captain; only this time, No. 1 is a dog.


We don't know much about the series yet, but hopefully, we get a full trailer and description during the Trek panel at SDCC 2019. With a lot of big reveals (Marvel Studios being another panel), the showrunners for Trek better bring their A-game.

No release date has been set for Star Trek: Picard, but the show is expected to debut sometime this year.

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