Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Opens Up About The Series’ Swearing

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Star Trek: Picard made its big debut last month, and while the series was welcomed by critics, some fans were taken aback by the surprising language used in the new Star Trek series.

As an example, in the second episode of Picard, fans get to see the commander-in-chief of Starfleet calling Jean-Luc Picard out for his "sheer f-cking hubris." This isn't the only time that the characters in Picard are found swearing, there are other instances of colourful language in the series as well. The use of curse words in Picard surprised fans – why would people in a near-perfect utopia need to stoop so low as to swear?


Showrunner Michael Chabon decided to take to Instagram to address fans questions and concerns about the show's first three episodes. In his post, Chabon also addresses fans' concern about the show's use of vulgar language. Chabon first gives a philosophical response. Then, he gives a response in tune with practicality.

"Listen. No human society will be perfect, because no human will ever be perfect," the executive producer wrote on his post on the social media site, "The most we can do -- and as Star Trek ever reminds us, must do -- is aspire to perfection, and work to make it so. Norkon forden perfectunun, as a wise Yang once said. Until that impossible day, s--t is going to continue to happen. And when it does, humans are going to want to swear."

According to Chabon, Star Trek writers of the past were limited because they were censored by the FCC rules. Now, CBS All Access has given Picard the freedom to explore themes and language that the series never really has before.


"The absence of swear words in Star Trek was never a matter of Federation principle, it was a matter of FCC rules. Writers of previous eras had no choice. They were censored. Searing is one of humanity's most ancient, sensible, and reliable consolations. Personally I would consider any society that discouraged, banned or abandoned the use of curse words to be a fucking dystopia."

Of course, this isn't the first time that Star Trek's featured swear words. There has been mild cursing in the original films. Star Trek: Discovery made Trek history when it had an overly-excited Syliva Tilly drop the franchise's very first F-bomb.

How do you feel about the colorful language in CBS All Access' new Star Trek? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Star Trek: Picard is available for streaming on CBS All Access.


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