Star Trek: Picard Season Finale Title Hints at Major Death

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The eighth episode of Star Trek: Picard will air this Thursday and there'll only be two more episodes left after that. Last week, a fan-favorite character faced death, and it looks another character will have the same fate in the last episode as well.


Picard showrunner Michael Chabon revealed the titles for the last three episodes of the first season on Instagram. This week's episode is titled "Broken Pieces" followed by a two-part finale. The last two are titled "Et in Arcadio Ego," which indicates an ominous ending.

Star Trek titles always have a classical reference. This time, the last episode shares its title with a Latin phrase and a famous painting by Italian Baroque artist Giovanni Francesco Barbieri. Although it is sometimes referred to as "The Arcadian Shepherds" in English, it also translates to "I too was in Arcadia," or "Even in Arcadia, there am I." The "I" refers to death while "Arcadia" is a rural region of Greece during Antiquity, and is described as paradise or a utopian land. "Even in utopia, there is death," which means death still exists in paradise.

In relation to the show, the United Federation of Planets has always been seen as a paradise of sorts. Benjamin Sisko even made a comparison in Deep Space Nine where he talks about the handling of the Maquis by the Federation. The pervasive theme of both Deep Space Nine and Picard are the unexpected parts of the Federation and its people. Now, it looks like death will be coming to one of the captains or crew of the UFP.

It isn't clear as to which person it'll be so fans would have to wait and see what happens in the season finale.


New Star Trek: Picard episodes get released every Thursday on CBS All Access.

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