Star Trek: Picard Reveals a Major Connection Between the Romulans and the Borg

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Though Star Trek: Picard focuses on Patrick Stewart's character Jean-Luc, the show has been expanding its stories to explore more of the Star Trek history. And in the eighth episode of Picard, it has been revealed that there has always been a connection between the Romulans and the Borg.


This article contains SPOILERS for the eighth episode of Star Trek: Picard.

Titled "Broken Pieces," the episode ironically pieces together some important information. With regards to the Romulan-Borg connection, it isn't actually a thing, rather, a character. The Romulan Reclamation Site is stationed on a former Borg cube, it specializes in bringing Borg Drones back to humanity.

One major member of this site's community was Ramdha, a rare Romulan xB who has been a part of the Borg's attack on Shaenor, who also ends up being assimilated into the collective. She eventually got freed from the Borg and recognized Soji Asha as the Destroyer. Ramdha then tried to shoot her, though she ended up pointing the blaster at herself, making her unconscious.

Ramdha is a Zhat Vash agent as well and is revealed to be Narissa Rizzo's aunt. She and Rizzo were the only ones who survived "The Admonition." Ramdha survived this but it ended up destroying her mind, in fear of the Destroyer.


Though she is still unconscious, Ramdha could be the key to help defeat Narissa and Narek. Though it is a battle between being a heartless machine against someone having a soul, it is possible that she could be the one that could save both the Synthetics and the xB community.

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