Star Trek: Picard Gets Premiere Date In Awesome New Trailer Featuring Riker And Deanna Troi

It has been a long wait but we finally know when to expect Star Trek: Picard. The highly anticipated series just got an awesome new trailer confirming the premiere date as well as the return of Will Riker and Deanna Troi.

The trailer opens with an interesting sequence where Data is painting out in the field and asks Jean-Luc Picard to finish his work. Although Picard says he doesn't know how to, Data insists that he does. It is then revealed to be a dream and while the former Captain goes about his day, he is approached by a mysterious young girl asking for his help.

The surprise encounter leads to Picard going back to the Federation in hopes to help the girl. Although he is turned down, he still manages to enlist a new group of people to help him out. Of course, these new faces aren't the only ones who will be playing a huge role in Picard's mission.

At one point, we get to see Seven of Nine crying over someone and also getting into action. But the best part is undoubtedly Riker trying to cook and appearing shocked when he realizes that Picard has paid him a visit. Troi is likewise pleased to be reunited with the Captain.

There are some many things in the trailer that could move any Star Trek fan into tears. However, the greatest moment is when Picard and Riker are sitting together and Picard says that he's grateful Riker didn't try to talk him out of what he is planning. "Believe me, I know better," Riker answers.

Star Trek: Picard will air on CBS All Access on January 23, 2020 and on Amazon Prime on January 24, 2020.

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