Star Trek: Picard Episode 8 Preview Brings Seven of Nine Back Into Action

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The most recent episode of Star Trek: Picard has already proven that things are about to get very violent in the series. Not surprisingly, the preview for Episode 8 confirms we're getting more Seven of Nine and she's ready for action. But are we also going to see yet another beloved character meeting their end?

The preview for Star Trek: Picard Episode 8 opens with an eerie message: "What you are about to experience will drive you mad." It's not just a feeble warning as we see several people screaming their heads off, one of which is actually clawing at her own face. Interestingly, Jean-Luc Picard must be aware of what these people are experiencing. "We face a powerful enemy," he tells Soji Asha.


Just how powerful is this opponent? Probably enough to leave Seven of Nine bewildered after Elnor takes on a Romulan. "What was happening on this Cube?" she demands. We don't know but if it's enough to make her flip out, we should be scared, too.

Interestingly, there's a brief but equally terrifying exchange between Picard and Agnes Jurati, who asks, "Do you believe in hell? Neither did I until I saw it." What is it, though? We're hoping that we'll survive to find out because Picard claims that "hell will come again."

Ooh, goosebumps. But the preview left the best for last. At the last moment, we see Seven seemingly screaming, "No!" in the Cube as her eyes turn black. Is she being assimilated? Are we getting new Borg Queen?

Alas, we'll have to wait until next week to find out. Star Trek: Picard Episode 8 is titled Broken Pieces and will air on CBS All Access on March 12.


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