Star Trek: Picard Episode 6 Tackles Jean-Luc's Fear of The Borg

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There is little doubt that being a part of the Borg was not a pleasant experience. But was it so horrible that it's the only thing that someone would ever dread? The sixth episode of Star Trek: Picard has just forced Jean-Luc Picard to face his own trauma. But will it also be the only thing that could help him connect with Soji Asha?

In The Impossible Box, Picard and his crew finally know that Soji is on the Borg Cube but there's still one major problem. He must go on this journey on his own, leaving behind his companions who all have their own traumas to deal with. Unfortunately, Picard isn't doing too well himself. After all, most of his memories with the Borg aren't happy ones.


It's heartbreaking to watch Picard go through all the horrible times he's had when he was Locutus of Borg. However, there is hope to be found. At one point, Hugh reminds him that it wasn't all bad. Luckily, this is enough to remind Picard that he may have been part of the Borg but he is still ultimately human.

Overall, The Impossible Box is an episode that deals with trauma but it also features a stunning awakening for Soji. Through Narek's constant emotional manipulation, she slowly realizes that most of her memories are fake and she activates her synth abilities. Luckily, this helps her escape later on but they don't exactly end up in Picard's ship.

The next episode of Star Trek: Picard is titled Nepenthe and will air on CBS All Access on March 5.

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