Star Trek: Picard Reveals an Unexpected Love Connection

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The latest episode of Star Trek: Picard finally gets a few pieces in place and is moving with storylines along with Jean-Luc's journey. Aside from him facing his oldest nightmare, one of the parts of the episode revealed a potential love connection that no one saw coming.


This article contains SPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard's sixth episode, "The Impossible Box."

At the beginning of the episode, Cristobal Rios waits for their arrival at Borg cube Artifact by dribbling a soccer ball. Agnes Jurati enters the scene, clearly affected by the death of her colleague Bruce Maddox, who was also her former lover.

When she asked Rios as to why he likes space, the pilot gave a surprising answer. However, what the viewers didn't expect is that Jurati pulls Rios in for a kiss, which was certainly an unexpected romantic scene between the two characters.

Jurati eventually pulls away from Rios as they banter about sleeping with a captain. When she talks about her thoughts on space and how she feels "hollow, hopeless, "lonely" and "afraid," Jurati goes in for another kiss. He then took his hand and led him to the bedroom.


While Jurati and Rios have already shared some scenes in the previous episodes, viewers didn't expect that they would potentially have that kind of relationship. Their interactions showed more of a siblings-type relationship, but as it turns out, they were much more intimate than expected.

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The next episode of Star Trek: Picard airs March 5 on CBS All Access.

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