Star Trek: Patrick Stewart Teases 'Startling Events' in Picard Season 2

Credit: CBS All Access

Credit: CBS All Access

The first season of Star Trek: Picard came to a close almost 2 months ago, introducing new elements, changes to the characters, and some revelations, especially about the Romulan Zhat Vash. Fans are already excited for what's to come in season two, and actor Patrick Stewart teases there are some "startling events" to happen.

"It is [coming together], yeah," Stewart told Gold Derby about the show's progress amid the coronavirus pandemic. "Because of how we are living currently, there is no writers' room, of course. But everybody is writing and they are keeping me in touch with what is going on." He pointed out that he and the crew have "video conferences."

"There are startling events predicted in season two," he added. "I am so excited about them because it is taking season one on from where we were." Stewart reveals they will not be "covering the same ground" and that it is going to be "extraordinary."

Of course, the actor noted that he can't go into detail about the second season, but they will be having a "long conference" to talk more about "certain aspects of how season two will develop."

Picard was originally set to continue production for season two during the Summer, but the situation with the pandemic makes it uncertain as to when things will go back to normal. Stewart admits he has missed working with the crew and he "can't wait to be back" on set and "explore" their plans for season two.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is expected to arrive sometime in 2020 followed by Picard Season 2.

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