Star Trek Legend William Shatner Relieved That Police Are Investigating Stormtrooper Takedown

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William Shatner has been actively following the news about the Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper getting arrested at gunpoint for dressing up for her work in a Star Wars-themed restaurant.

The Star Trek star was pretty vocal about his dissent when word came out that a 19-year-old woman was arrested for bringing a blaster prop while wearing a stormtrooper outfit in Canada. Now, the police have announced an investigation into the matter, and it looks like the Star Trek legend couldn't be happier.


Taking to Twitter, Shatner decided to share his relief over the investigation (via The Hollywood Reporter), saying that it "looks like they will actually look into it!"

The Canadian police just recently announced their plans to look into the incident, saying that the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team would lead the investigation.

"ASIRT's role in a review is to provide an objective, independent, critical examination and assessment of an investigation to confirm that it was properly conducted using best practices and ensure all appropriate investigative steps were taken," said Lethbridge police. "Once the review is complete, the file is returned to the home agency with any recommendations that ASIRT may have made. Those recommendations could relate to specific steps that could or should be pursued in the investigation or broader practice or policy recommendations."

The arrest made international headlines after a video of the incident went viral on social media. In the vide, netizens get to see a woman dressed a stormtrooper carrying a prop blaster being taken down by Lethbridge officers. Not only did the police draw their guns on the woman, but they also take her down to the ground and bloody her face.


The 19-year-old stormtrooper cosplayer was simply in costume for a business promotion for May the Fourth, a day Star Wars fans know to be Star Wars Day.

What the police did to the woman was definitely a violation of her rights. We're glad to see that the Lethbrige authorities are looking into the matter.

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