Star Trek Online Partners With Boys & Girls to Level Up the Next Generation of Leaders

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"Level Up the Next Generation of Leaders," in celebration of the eleventh year of Star Trek Online, Perfect World Entertainment paired with Boys & Girls Clubs of America for the charity initiative "Perfect World Level Up" to help raise funds on Groupees supporting Boys & Girls clubs for the betterment of the future of America's youth.


Andre Emerson, the executive producer of Star Trek Online, proudly shared that he is an alumnus of Boys & Girls Clubs, and the partnership for Perfect World Level Up thrills him. Emerson reminisced how it is an incredible experience to be part of the Boys & Girls Club which left a huge impact on his life.

Emerson considers that it is an honor to be part of the charity initiative giving back to the very organization he belonged before with the whole team of Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online Players can also take part in the initiative and support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. On February 7, players can purchase in-game items through Groupees.

The players can choose whether they would prefer that the proceeds go to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America or through donating directly to the page of the charity initiative, Perfect World Level Up's Boys & Girls Clubs page.


Any player who would be donating $100 or more before February 7 shall be given a chance to win the raffle where Star Trek Online Anniversary Legendary Starship Premium Bundle with over 20 ships and a whole lot of other items and a $250 SteelSeries gift awaits five randomly selected players to win the raffle prize.

Some limited and may be selling out quickly, the list of Groupies bundles for Star Trek Online are as follows: Tier 1 for $2.00 with the item Black Alert Tribble and it is labeled as charitable, Tier 2 for $10.00 with the items Command Dreadnought Bundle and the items on Tier 1. The bundle will contain one Gold Tech Upgrade instead of keys and one Fleet Ship Module.

With the vision for the empowerment of the youth, Perfect World Level Up commits to making a difference and investing in the next generation through the power of play and passionate spirit of the team in raising funds and awareness for organizations that could lead to a better and more inclusive future.

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