Star Trek Online: House Reborn Releases New Trailer

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Credit: Star Trek Online

In celebration of 11 years of MMORPG, Star Trek Online starts a new chapter in its story with two new featured episodes to the game. Star Trek Online: House Reborn is launched today by Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios.

Today, House Reborn is launched on PC and will soon be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. House Reborn forms part of the final chapter of Star Trek Online's Klingon War Saga where the new season will have two episodes.


Star Trek: Discovery characters L'Rell (voiced by Mary Chieffo, the live-action character of the same name) and Tenavik (by guest star Sam Witwer) will be featured in the two new episodes of the game.

House Reborn will focus on the matriarch of House Mo'Kai, J'Ula after the Klingon Empire was dismantled in House Shattered. J'Ula journeys to Boreth, a sacred planet, as she looks for Tenavik, a Klingon outcast in hopes of enlightenment.

The players will be guiding J'Ula in her spiritual journey as she will be descending to the underworld Gre'thor. J'Ula will encounter ghosts from her past, present, and future and players will have to ensure her safe journey.

L'Rell will be guiding J'Ula and captains will team up again with General Martok (by J.G. Hertzler), Adet'Pa (by Rekha Sharma), and Aakar (by Robert O-Reilly).


A new Klingon Recruitment System is also introduced in this update of the game where the Special Anniversary Event will make players earn Alliance Temer Rader. The update also includes an over-all revamp of the Klingon play experience with new missions and stories, improved environments, and many more.

The update also has a treat to players: players may not command any ship from any faction. This is a first in the history of Star Trek Online.

Yoon Im, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment expressed her pleasure seeing the people continue to patronize the game even after eleven years and said that the passion of Cryptic Studios on Star Trek brought an incredible job to put into life the shows and films in the game.

Andre Emerson, Star Trek Online's executive producer expressed his heartfelt honor to have been part of the game for eleven years where each year brings more stories to Star Trek.


Emerson also expressed his gratitude to the players who constantly support the game and that the eleven-year tenure of the game could not be possible without them.

Star Trek Online: House Reborn is available now on PC.

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