Star Trek: Michael Dorn Not Interested In Joining Patrick Stewart's Picard Series

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Fans are already excited about Jean-Luc Picard's upcoming return in the new Star Trek series. However, nobody should expect Worf to make an appearance in the highly anticipated CBS All Access show.

Michael Dorn recently made an appearance at the Destination Star Trek convention in Birmingham, UK (via Gizmodo UK). Although the Star Trek: The Next Generation actor admitted he was thrilled about Patrick Stewart's new show, he isn't interested in reprising his role as the Enterprise's Chief of Security.


Dorn explained that he doesn't want to appear in the Picard series for a mere cameo where the Captain simply asks, "Mr. Worf, what are you doing here?" After all, putting on the Klingon makeup takes too much time. Dorn stated that he would probably be interested if Worf is given an important role in the show.

Although he isn't expecting to be asked for a cameo in the Picard series, Dorn confessed he is still hoping that the Worf Chronicles will get a green light. However, the TNG star pointed out that he is still waiting for "the right situation and the right script" for the character's own spinoff show.

It is rather disappointing that we won't get to see more of Worf in the new series. Although Dorn has not yet been asked to reprise his role, fans are still hoping that producers will realize Worf's importance and decide to give him a significant role in the show. It might still be too early so let's cross our fingers on the possibility that Worf will be back soon.

Stewart's new series has not yet been given an official premiere date.


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