Star Trek Legend William Shatner Willing to Have Chris Pine Play Him in Biopic

It looks like Star Trek legend William Shatner wouldn't mind to have his on-screen successor Chris Pine play his role in a biopic about his life.

Galaxy Con has been hosting virtual panels featuring the cast and crew of classic Trek series the past few months, and last week, the convention showcased a special panel with Original Series legend William Shatner.

In the one on one panel with Shanter, moderator Patty Hawkins interviews the 89-year-old actor in a virtual chatroom from his home in Los Angeles. Not only does Shatner talk about literature and wine, but he talks about the time that he was in Star Trek and how he directed Star Trek: The Final Frontier.

During the panel (via Daily Star Trek News), Shatner received questions from the audience, and one fan decided to ask the Star Trek legend who he would like to see play the titular role in a William Shatner biopic.

Of course, the actor had himself first in mind.

"I want to play myself. I don't want to die!," he said laughing. However, when Shatner seriously thought about the idea, he said he'd want to see Chris Pine.

"I don't know. Chris Pine? Why doesn't he play me? A good looking, talented guy," Shatner said in response.

It wouldn't be farfetched to have Pine play Shatner in a Biopic. Not only is Pine a Hollywood A-lister, but he's been Shatner's successor in the new Star Trek movies. Fans and critics loved Pine's iteration of Captain Kirk, saying that the actor did well playing Shatner acting as Kirk in the movies.

Would you like to see Pine play Shatner in a biopic? Let us know in the comment section below.

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