The Wrath of Khan Producer Reveals Pitch for New Star Trek Film

We're still waiting for Noah Hawley's Star Trek movie but it looks like there's another major project to look forward to. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan producer Robert Sallin has just confirmed that he has an idea for yet another film and he has already pitched it to Paramount Pictures.

Sallin recently spoke to where he admitted he has plans for a new Star Trek movie. However, he also stated that it's still in very early development.

"I don't have it completely written, but I have a lot of it written. I have a concept for another Star Trek feature that I've had discussions with Paramount about, at least on the phone," Sallin said. He then proceeded to tease on the project.

"This one I guarantee you is unlike anything that has been done in Star Trek, and it will be part of the canon, but they don't want to talk about it until they see what Noah Hawley does," Sallin said.

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There's a good reason why Sallin is waiting to find out what Hawley is planning for his own Star Trek film. Since he has never worked with the franchise before, Hawley's movie is set to be unique and although he is keeping an eye out for similarities, Sallin believes his own idea will not clash with the project.

"Unless I am completely off base here, it is completely different. Nothing has been done like this and I think it will become part of the canon. That's all. I hope one day to be able to have the meeting and have them say, ‘Hey Bob, come on in, let's talk about that'," Sallin said.

We're certainly excited about this. After all, Sallin produced one of the best Star Trek films ever made. Hopefully, we'll be getting an update on the project soon.

Would you be interested in yet another Star Trek film? Sound off in the comments below.

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