Star Wars Fans Riot After Lucasfilm Executive Declares All Canon as 'Fake'

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It looks like Lucasfilm Executive Matt Martin accidentally stirred the hornet's nest when he declared that Star Wars canon was "all fake anyway."

Taking to Twitter to respond to a thread about whether or not Extended Universe and other non-Disney-sanctioned Star Wars material could be considered canon, Martin angered Star Wars fans when he declared that canon didn't really matter because the material all came from a creative place.

According to the Star Wars executive, while Lucasfilm has to keep track of what and what isn't cannon to keep the official storytelling of the Star Wars franchise alive, fans are free to decide what they accept as true in the galaxy far, far away.

"It's all fake anyway so you can choose whatever you want as part of the story," Martin ended the thread.


While the Lucasfilm executive has a point saying fans are free to decide what they take as true, it seems like Martin's statement has riled up the fanbase with netizens bringing out their pitchforks online.

To some fans, Martin's tweet is a proof that Lucasfilm "sees profit as top priority, storytelling be damned." To others, the statement shows just how lazy the Lucasfilm executive is.


"Why is this guy allowed near Star Wars oh really it's all fake Jesus thanks," a superfan responded to the tweet, "We care about the stories and the cannon because we like structured stories and interesting lore that shows consistance. I'm not interested in a Story with no structure."

Some are even calling for Lucasfilm to fire Martin from the company.

What do you think? Is Martin wrong for saying that Star Wars canon is "all fake anyway"? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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