Star Trek Legend Leonard Nimoy Had Asked For Assistance In Ending His Life

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There was a wave of heartbreak when Trekkies learned about the death of Leonard Nimoy back in 2015. The actor had been a Star Trek legend, playing the iconic role of half-human, half-Vulcan USS Enterprise First Mate, Spock.

Back then, reports indicated that the actor had passed away from complications related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Now, a new interview with Nimoy's widow, Susan Bay, reveals that the actor actually sought the help of his nurses to end his life.

Speaking in an interview with Inside Edition, Bay opens up about Nimoy's last few days.

"You cannot catch your breath," Bay tells the publication, "He couldn't go out. For him to go from the parking lot to the movie theater, forget it. He was on a campaign to use his profile and make people think twice about lighting up."

The Star Trek legend revealed his struggle with COPD back in 2014 after he was spotted in a wheelchair in an airport. The ailment was linked to Nimoy's smoking addiction, a habit that the actor kicked 30 years prior. Ever since then, the actor spent the rest of his time campaigning to encourage others to give up smoking. However, it didn't take long for the ailment to overtake Nimoy, and when the time came, the Star Trek legend decided to head off into the great unknown with "dignity."

"He didn't want to be confined to a wheelchair and not able to breathe," Bay said. "Nimoy's nurses keep adding a little more morphine over the period. He was in such a compromised situation that it did not take long. I believe in dying with dignity. Leonard believed ... in dying with dignity."

It's heartbreaking to hear the particulars of Nimoy's death. We'll forever honor his legacy both as a Star Trek legend and as an advocate of rehabilitating tobacco addicts.

CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery is expected to return with its third batch of episodes on January 2020.

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