Star Trek: Jonathan Frakes Explains Why Franchise Needs TV Shows, NOT Movies

They might be keeping their plans under wraps but there is little doubt that Paramount Pictures still intends to produce new Star Trek movies. However, Jonathan Frakes doesn't agree that this is the best direction for the franchise right now. The Star Trek: Picard actor and director just pointed out that the future of the franchise is firmly in the TV shows.

Jonathan Frakes is one person who knows Star Trek. He's played William Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise, and the animated series Lower Decks. In addition to that, Frakes has already directed episodes for several shows including Picard, and two major Star Trek movies. This means he knows exactly what he is talking about when he says the franchise's future is in its television projects.

"Movies are tough!" Frakes said in the latest issue of Syfy magazine (via GamesRadar). He then pointed out JJ Abrams, Noah Hawley, and Quentin Tarantino are all having trouble completing another Star Trek film.

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"Even JJ can’t get this fourth movie off the ground,” Frakes said. “All those wonderful rumors? Noah Hawley was attached to a Star Trek movie, and Quentin was toying with people’s emotions about doing a movie. If those two names can’t get a fucking movie made, I don’t know."

He concluded by declaring, "TV is the future, it seems to me."

Jonathan Frakes certainly has a point there considering that the Star Trek TV shows have been doing well while the films keep getting stuck in development hell. With that in mind, we're looking forward to seeing what the television projects have to offer in the future.

Frakes is set to direct two episodes in Star Trek: Picard Season 3. He will also reprise his role as William Riker in the third season. The series returns on Paramount+ on February 16, 2023.

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