Star Trek Icon George Takei Pitches Awesome Sulu Spin-Off Series

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There is little doubt that Star Trek: Picard confirmed that fans are eager to see more of the beloved characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation. But could it also be time to revisit one of the most famous characters from the original series? George Takei has just pitched an awesome idea for a spin-off show that would focus on Hikaru Sulu.

Takei recently spoke to to promote his latest project Yakuza: Like A Dragon, a new video game where he provides the voice of a former mob boss. During the interview, the star of The Terror: Infamy also discussed the possibility of returning to play Sulu in a spin-off project based on a Star Trek film where the character becomes a captain.


"Good idea. As a matter of fact, in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Sulu got his own captaincy. The first scene is a shot of this huge, magnificent starship called the Excelsior, and then it zooms in on the bridge, and there's a brand new Captain seated confidently at that center chair, elegantly sipping his cup of green tea: Captain Sulu. There's this huge explosion in the galaxy, and the sound waves come rippling over and turn the ship into turmoil, and I shoot shields and the drama begins," Takei said.

He then continued by explaining how Sulu pretty much saves the day and came up with an awesome conclusion.

"That's a Captain Sulu movie — it shouldn't have been subtitled The Undiscovered Country. It should be Captain Sulu To The Rescue. It's the best of the Star Trek movies," Takei stated.


A Captain Sulu spin-off movie? I'm definitely in, but why hasn't Paramount considered this idea yet? Sadly, Takei confirmed that Trekkies had sent emails begging the network for the film but it was ultimately ignored. Perhaps CBS might think about taking this option for the future.

Do you want to see a Sulu spin-off project? Sound off in the comments below.

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