Chris Pine Still Interested in Doing Star Trek 4 with Chris Hemsworth

The future of the Star Trek film franchise might still be uncertain but it looks like Chris Pine still wants to be a part of it soon. The Wonder Woman 1984 star has just admitted that he is still very interested in reprising his role as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek 4.

Pine was recently a guest on the Things Are Going Great For Mepodcast where he stated that although he hasn't received any updates about the project, he has been trying to get some news about Star Trek.

"So, I've heard -- what have I heard? [Quentin] Tarantino is going to do one. And then, who is it? Noah Hawley was going to do something else, and then that fell through. And then he's going to do something with the Discovery, the new Alex Kurtzman-led cast. So, I really don't know," Pine said. He then added that he is hoping Paramount Pictures will decide to pursue the Kelvin timeline again with a fourth film.

"I know that Paramount is coming out of having restructured a bit and kind of a major corporate restructuring. So hopefully, when all that dust settles, something concrete will come out of it, and we'll get to work. I'd love to do it," Pine confessed.

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This is exactly what most Trekkies have been hoping to hear. After all, Star Trek 4 was supposed to be a time-travel adventure involving Kirk and his father George Kirk, who would be played by Chris Hemsworth. For now, it is still unclear what Paramount is planning but stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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