Star Trek Going To Be Younger And More Relevant With CBS-Viacom Merger

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Like Star Wars, Star Trek has gotten its own revival in the last few years, and now, in the wake of CBS's upcoming merger with Viacom, it looks like the network has a clearer vision for the science fiction film and television franchise.

CBS Chief Creative Officer David Nevins spoke at a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Communications and Entertainment Conference in Los Angeles last week (via, and according to Deadline, the CBS executive sees Star Trek as a brand that the network can nurture together with Viacom.


Nevins wants Viacom to help CBS turn the Star Trek franchise into something that helps it become something that appeals to a younger audience, hoping that it'll become even more relevant to the media industry.

"We really believe in not only serving inside our own ecosystem but serving people outside," Nevins said at the conference, "What we're trying to do right now with Star Trek is build that brand. We want it to get younger and more relevant to people."

The Viacom and CBS merger means a lot for the Star Trek franchise. Putting together two media entities that separated more than a decade in the past, this new merger brings the Star Trek film rights together with the rest of the franchise.

Having the two media companies reunite allows for synergy between the film and television franchise to blossom. Perhaps we could even see shows like Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard link to upcoming Star Trek films. The Star Trek film franchise might have hit a bump with Star Trek 4, but now that Viacom and CBS have come together, who knows, the film might get back on track.


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