14 Nov 2020 4:41 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Trek: Discovery's Rachael Ancheril Opens up About Season 3 Exit

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery has been all about reuniting with the Federation in the future but the latest episode also saw the departure of one crew member. In Die Trying, Lieutenant Nhan decided it was time to return to her homeworld. Interestingly, Rachael Ancheril has opened up about her exit from the series.

In Die Trying, the Discovery crew were sent to retrieve seed archive from the USS Tikov. However, it is revealed that the occupants are all dead except for one man who is fatally injured. Since he is also a Barzan, Nhan decided she should stay with the Tikov and bring the man back to his planet where he can get a proper burial.

So was it easy to say goodbye to the Discovery crew? Ancheril told Comicbook.com that she already knew what would happen to Nhan and had anticipated an excellent story arc for her character.


"I knew I was exiting, but I didn't know how," Ancheril said. However, she also admitted that she was blown away when it finally happened.

"When I read it, I loved it. I cried a little bit. I read it a few times. And then when I went to the read-through, I really honestly tried to be professional. I tried to hold it together. And I was choking out the words. I was so embarrassed because I couldn't get some of the words out. Like, you know when kids cry and they get really upset and they're trying to breathe and talk and cry at the same time? That's how it felt," Ancheril said.

We will truly miss Nhan in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 but Ancheril also admitted that she is open to returning as the character in the future. Hopefully, we'll get an update about this soon.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 5 is currently streaming on CBS All Access.

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