Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Spoilers: What is the New Mission?

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We already know that Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 is happening soon but what exactly can we expect in the next chapter of the Discovery crew's story? The Season 3 finale had actually teased on the ship's new mission.

In Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 13, it was established that Discovery is the beacon of hope for the Federation's future. After all, she has the spore drive that makes her capable of instantaneously delivering the dilithium mined from the Verubin Nebula to the planets and starbases that need it. This, in turn, should make warp travel possible and help reconnect the Federation.


There is little doubt that Discovery and her new captain Michael Burnham will be taking on this mission in Discovery Season 4. But what could happen as the crew sets off to new territories? There are speculations that the next season will finally reveal what happened to the Klingons in the 32nd century. In addition to that, we might learn if the Borg is still a threat.

Credit: CBS

Trekkies are also wondering if Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 will explore the new tension between Burnham and Paul Stamets, who was banished in the penultimate episode of the third season.

Although Burnham had a good reason for the move, Stamets isn't exactly someone who can easily forgive and forget, especially since her decision also meant abandoning the people he calls his family. With that in mind, this could be something to expect in the next season.


The Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 finale is now streaming on CBS All Access.

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