Star Trek Discovery Finale Spoilers: What Happened to Stamets?

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The final episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is out and it offered an epic conclusion for this season. However, it also left viewers with questions about the crew members like Paul Stamets. So what exactly happened to Stamets in That Hope Is You, Part 2?

In Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 13, the crew were faced with the problem of finding someone who could take over as the spore displacement hub drive's navigator. After all, Michael Burnham had been forced to jettison Stamets after Osyraa planned to use him to take control of Discovery. Amazingly, Aurellio later revealed that Book's empathic skills make him the perfect candidate to take on the job.


So it looks like Book now has a purpose on Discovery and it is highly likely he will continue to serve as the ship's way to interface with the spore drive since he has a relationship with Burnham, who is now the new Captain. But where does that leave Stamets?

Credit: CBS

There are speculations that Stamets will still be brought back on Discovery now that Osyraa is no longer a threat. On the other hand, it is unlikely that he will forgive Burnham so easily after she banished him and refused to save Hugh Culber and Adira. Needless to say, having Stamets on board could mean tension and it would be interesting to see how they will deal with each other in the next season.

Do you think Stamets will forgive Burnham for what happened? Sound off in the comments below. In the meantime, the final episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is titled That Hope Is You, Part 2, and is currently available for streaming on CBS All Access.


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