Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Reveals How Powerful Empaths Can Be

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It's no secret that Star Trek: Discovery has introduced several interesting new characters into the franchise. One of these characters just happens to be Cleveland 'Book' Booker, who debuted in the premiere episode of Season 3 and has since been confirmed to be an empath who can communicate with plants and animals. But is this even an important ability? Episode 8 has just revealed how powerful empaths can be.

In The Sanctuary, viewers were brought to Book's homeworld Kwejian and introduced to Kyheem, his brother by a bond. The two had parted bitterly in the past as Book didn't agree with Kyheem's decision to make a deal with the Emerald Chain that left Kwejian at the mercy of the crime syndicate. Naturally, the tension between the two in their reunion leads to a clash and an actual fistfight.


But why is Kwejian indebted to the Chain in the first place? The crime syndicate agreed to help with the planet's problem with sea locusts as long as Kyheem hunts trans worms for the Chain. However, the episode later revealed that the true solution to those sea locusts was Book and Kyheem working together.

Credit: CBS

Once the brothers work together, they can communicate telepathically with the sea locusts and tell the critters to leave their homeworld alone. It's a surprisingly simple solution to the problem and proof that empaths are capable of just about anything, even facilitating world peace.

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