Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 8 Reveals Book's Emotional Backstory

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There is little doubt that people have been curious about Book since he first appeared in the premiere episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. After all, it was immediately made clear that there was more to the guy than just being Michael Burnham's guide to the 32nd century. Luckily, we get to learn more about Book in Episode 8, and naturally, there's family involved.

In The Sanctuary, Book gets contacted by Kyheem, his estranged brother who he hasn't seen since he left their homeworld Kwejian. From there, we get to know so much about Book and why he abandoned his planet in the first place.


Although Book and Kyheem are not brothers by blood, they are brothers by bond and that probably makes it even more painful for Book when Kyheem made a deal with the Emerald Chain crime syndicate that potentially puts Kwejian at risk. Michael immediately decides that Book's desire to keep his homeworld safe could help the Federation and that's how the Discovery ends up heading for Kwejian in the episode.

Credit: CBS

It's great to finally learn more about Book like what his homeworld looks like and even meeting his "family" in the episode. It's even confirmed that Book isn't even his real name but we'll get to know more about that soon. In the meantime, The Sanctuary made sure viewers saw a bit of Book's backstory and how ambition could put a strain on brotherhood even in the 32nd century.

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