Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Finale Brought A Surprising Revelation

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The season finale of Star Trek: Discovery brought a surprising revelation regarding Booker. This reveal indicates that there will be a lot more to learn about the character.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, Episode 12, "That Hope Is You, Part 2."


The season 3 finale of Star Trek Discovery was action-packed, filled with revelations, and an over-all exciting episode. By end of the episode, Osyraa, and the Emerald Chain were defeated. The episode also cleared the cause of The Burn and the Discovery crew got their new uniforms. Michael Burnham was also named as Discovery's new captain. Throughout all these developments, it can be quite easy to overlook the important revelation of the episode regarding Cleveland ‘Book' Booker. In fact, his name came from a mentor.

Booker was first introduced in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. He originally came from a planet called Kwejian. Booker came from a family of poachers, killers, and hunters but he had no interest in following this path. Thanks to his empath abilities, Booker utilized his position as the space courier to save as many endangered animal species within his capabilities.

Booker faces Michael in Star Trek: Discovery
Credit: CBS

Booker quickly formed a bond with Michael and even became an unofficial member of the Discovery crew throughout season 3. During a visit to his home planet in the episode titled The Sanctuary, Booker reunited with his brother.


As the season progressed, it was revealed that Booker's real name was Tareckx, and there was a whole story around the name he is using. The finale of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 titled, That Hope Is You Part 2, reveals a very crucial detail of Booker's name. In the finale, Booker told Michael that Cleveland ‘Book' Booker was actually the name of his mentor.

Booker used the name of his mentor to honor him and to keep it as a constant reminder that Tareckx will live up to what he learned from his mentor. After revealing that he took on the name of his mentor, Booker promised Michael that he will reveal the full story as soon as he can. It is more likely that this tale will be told in Season 4.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is streaming on CBS All Access.

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