Star Trek: Discovery Co-Showrunner on Michael Burnham's Season 3 Milestone

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The past three seasons of Star Trek: Discovery has truly been an amazing journey for Michael Burnham as she slowly found her purpose. Needless to say, most Trekkies already expected Burnham to end up where she did in That Hope Is You, Part 2 but co-showrunner Michelle Paradise is quick to point out that they made sure it would all be worth it.

Paradise recently spoke to TVLine where she spoke about Burnham being the captain of the Discovery was always their endgame. However, the writers wanted to make sure it all made sense for the audience.


"It felt like we have taken her on this incredible journey over the course of three seasons, and we knew at the start of season three that that's where we wanted her to end up," Paradise said. "It's something that I think people have been expecting from the time the show started, and so when we began Season 3, the conversations we had were: Well, if that's where we want her to go, how far away from that can we take her at the top of the season, so she has the most satisfying season three arc possible, but so that it also pays off the journey that she's had over the course of seasons one and two?"

Paradise also pointed out that it was important for Burnham to find herself alone in the future in the start of Season 3.

"Giving her the opportunity to come into this new future and be here for a year without the rest of our heroes on Discovery, and allowing her to grow and change during that time and come back and figure out where she fits in, it felt like the right kind of journey for the character," Paradise said. "It also allowed us, over the course of season three, to find new layers for that character, and of course new layers for our amazing actress to play."


It was definitely an amazing journey, thanks to Sonequa Martin-Green's stunning performance in the third season. Needless to say, we can't wait to find out what happens next for Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4.

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